It was in 1954 that our founder, Maifredi Francesco, opened the doors of the company for the first time and constituted what became then Maifredi Francesco S.r.l.

In 2014 we are glad to celebrate 60 years from the beginning of our history.
In the last 60 years the family - company had to face difficulties and satisfaction, joys and sorrows together with 
the co.operators.
Thanks to all who have worked for our company, as everyone has contributed to the continuation of a project born in 1954. Thanks!

During the last 60 years the market underwent many changes, customers requirements grew. The support of our co-operators was great at any time.
The Maifredi Francesco S.r.l is a small company, beside that it is aware of its value. It is aware of its important role in the society.

In the present economic situation the strong will to avoid temporary employment is the best form of respect to our employees. We strongly believe that a permanent job is the only way to guarantee serenity to people.
The future is uncertain, but we think about it as an opportunity, a challenge to deal with every day.
A special thanksgiving is due to the clients and the suppliers that co-work with the company. Indeed Maifredi Francesco is growing with its partners.